Ayanpuram Nadar Uravinmurai Nandhavana Development Committee was initiated by the members from Tamilnadu's southern districts such as Tirunelveli, Tuticorin, Virudhunagar and the villages around Kovilpatti led and preceeded by C. Rajan Nadar and C.P. Chellaiah Nadar with sixteen other merchants' serious guidance in 1950 who came to Ayanpuram, Chennai to start business.

            The committee was initially started with only 51 members including Eighteen Merchants and Thirty Three personnel of their shops. Ayanpuram Nadar Uravinmurai Nandhavana Development Committee was reconstituted as Ayanpuram Nadar Uravinmurai Sangam after three months. Sangam's governing body consisted of delegates as follows: D. Dhanushkodi Nadar was the President; S. Rajan Nadar was the General Secretary; V.P.M. Kaniyappa Nadar was the Treasurer; S.V. Arunachala Nadar was the Vice President; 18 Merchants were the Executive Members; and 33 personnel were the General Council Members. It was our Sangam's first Governing Body.

   18 Founders of Our Sangam:
   D. Dhanushkodi Nadar
   E. P. Dhanushkodi Nadar
   S. Rajan Nadar
   S.V. Arunachala Nadar
   K. Perumal Nadar
   V. P. M. Kaniyappa Nadar
   V. Sarkkarai Nadar
   V. P. M. Mariyappa Nadar
   V. P. M. Pechimuthu Nadar
   M. T. P. Mariyappa Nadar
   A. Duraipandiya Nadar
   K. Duraipandiya Nadar
   S. Nadarajan Nadar
   S. Thangasamy Nadar
   S. K. M. Kaniyappa Nadar
   S. P. Chellaiah Nadar
   S. Dharmaraj
   K. P. Shanmuga Nadar




No.76,N.M.K.Street, Ayanpuram,
Chennai - 600023.

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